Vendy Awards (NY, NY)

Food truck awards!



Cupcake Crew

Taco Truck (NJ)

Taco Truck (NJ)

Red Hook Solber Pupusas

Eddie's Pizza (pulled pork pizza + fried gnocchi)

Judges Gayle King & Colin Quinn

Souvlaki GR 

Souvlaki GR

Cinnamon Snail (Vegan)

Korilla (ribeye kimchi taco)

Korilla (pork kimchi taco)

Feast of San Gennaro (NY, NY)

The highlight was Dewey Dufresne's BYGGYZ sandwich + peppermint ice-cream sandwich, which we hope to have more of as soon as he is set up in his LES space.

Treasure Island Wedding (SF, CA)

J's Wedding Weekend (SF, CA)

It's only fitting that the weekend was filled with delicious food, from Peking Duck at Yank Sing to kimchi tacos, oyster po' boys, and tamales at the SF Ferry Building Farmers' Market.  And to top it all off, Pinkberry at the wedding itself.  All in all, it was perfect!

Tapas 24 x 3 (Barcelona, Spain)

Just as good as we remembered it, and definitely worth the drive from Nice to Barcelona.

McDonalds (Nice, France)

McDonalds serves ice-cream and regular macarons that were both pretty good!