Xu Xiang Zhai (Beijing, China)

Aperto (SF, CA)

Photos again taken with my phone. I need to learn a lesson here, though it's not clear whether the lesson is (a) carry your camera around everywhere, (b) only eat in the daylight, or (c) better no photos than phone photos.

This was the special, flank steak over a heirloom tomato risotto.

Lamb shank with various vegetables (peas, asparagus, fava beans, etc.) in jus.


85 Degrees (Beijing, China)

"BBQ Got Dog"
"Japanese Calamari Stick"
Mini-croissants, fresh out of the oven!
Best pearl milk tea ever.

San Soo Gab San (Chicago, IL)

From its unpretentious digs in a tiny strip mall to its "very rude, and thus memorable" serving staff, San Soo Gab San may not seem at first like a "foodie" stop, but once you start eating the negatives seem to go away. Unfortunately, once this Korean BBQ was featured on Check Please! tables became scarcer and believe it or not... the staff became even more rude and absent-minded!

A wide selection of Korean side dishes including kim-chee, seafood cakes, and dried anchovies.