Le Bernardin x 2 (NY, NY)

Le Papillon (San Jose, CA)

Apple/Kodak team celebration dinner @ fancy French place in the middle of a strip mall. Go figure.
Pan roasted winter vegetables with soft polenta and fried herbs
Raspberry sorbet with mint garnish
Souffle Grand Marnier with fresh berries

Sushi Yasuda x 5 (NY, NY)

An encore performance in the last week of Yasuda's tenure in NY.  Uni is too delicious to eat, shellfish allergy or not!

Royal Seafood (Avenel, NJ)

Dim sum with both sets of parents (and not tasty hand-pulled noodles).

Maverick (SF, CA)

This place specializes in "regional cuisine," but it was unclear which region. Their signature dish is Southern Fried Chicken, but we didn't get it because it was kind of intimidating.
Mac & Cheese (left) and Baltimore Crab Puffs (right)
Baby beet salad
Cascade Mountain arctic char with blue prawn and baby carrots
Pork tenderloin with cippolini onion, butternut squash, and apple butter