WD-50 x 2 (NY, NY)

Another extended post for A's birthday dinner.

Sesame crisps

Aerated foie, pickled beet, mashad plum, brioche

Eggs benedict

Corned duck, rye crisp, purple mustard, horseradish cream

Shrimp spaghetti, tomato, basil, garlic

Peekytoe crab roll, salt n' vinegar chips, celery mayonnaise

Duck breast, apple, cheddar, kimchee-cous cous

Arctic char, snow pea, fried yucca, cherry-black bean

Scallops, chicken-fried lentils, radish, lychee

Iberico pork neck, smoked paprika, spaetzle, peach, macarona almond

Cod, peas-n-coconut, nori, carrot dashi

Rainbow sherbert, rhubarb, tarragon, orange, olive oil

Hazelnut tart, coconut, chocolate, chicory

Grapefruit curd, campari, hibiscus, sorrel sorbet

Licorice custard, sake sorbet, bartlett pear

Lemongrass mousse, brown sugar, jack fruit, whole wheat sorbet

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous photos. Way better than the crappy pics I took with my cell phone when we went to WD50 last year. ;)