Last Thursday (Portland, OR)

First Thursday happens every month in the relatively well-heeled Pearl district of Portland. Art galleries expand their hours, locals bring out their photography and artwork for a street fair, and all the restaurants serve their dinner specials. Last Thursday, held every month along NE Alberta street, does not resemble this at all, it is more like a staging group for Burning Man. You are likely to see Capoeira, Break Dancers, and the multiple displays of the modern Bohemian. Alberta has its own bank of food carts.

Fuego de Lotus Cart - Serves Venezuelan food, specifically known for its Arepas.

The Revolutionaries Plate - Arepa, black beans, plantains, rice with cabbage salad.

Dessert from Solar Waffle Works, a cart powered entirely by the sun with all profits going to Portland schools - Belgian waffle, Mt. Hood strawberries, Nutella, and cream.

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