Saburo (Portland, OR)

Asking Portlanders the best sushi place in town will likely start up quite a conversation with people advocating for Bamboo, Sinju, or Hiroshi. My vote would be for Saburo, the sushi is great, the price is reasonable, and the people watching (Saburo is located about a mile from the Reed campus, so it gets plenty of gifted but overwrought college kids) is first rate -

Assorted Rolls - the notable roll is the house special Sabu Roll (Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon, Avocado)

In the complicated world of Gen X/Y friendships, dating, hookups, Facebook pen pals, gchat flirting, and traveling companions at least one unambiguous and sacred relationship exists - Sushi Buddy. Caroline and I have eaten at Saburo pretty much every Monday for the last 2 years. Caroline was a medical student when we started and we reached a bit of an understanding. In exchange for me subsidizing her education with free sushi, she would provide Adderall upon graduation (that is a joke). With my departure to the Bay Area - Dr. Caroline MD '10 is accepting applications for a new Sushi Buddy. It is unlikely she will give you free Adderall. I'm also accepting applications in the Bay Area for a Sushi Buddy.

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  1. Be warned that the wait at Saburo's can be significant (up to an hour some nights), but it's worth it! Luckily, there's a beautiful solution to the wait: Put your name on the list, and walk one block west to the Oaks Bottom Brew Pub for some of the best beer in town. Check out the covered back patio, and try the tatchos on another day. If they've called your name at Saburo's by the time you get back, they'll usually seat you next.