Ma Peche (NY, NY)

David Chang's first midtown venture with former Ssam bar chef Tien Ho at the helm.  No reservations accepted.  Definitely a worthy addition to the row of inexpensive Japanese restaurants across the street.  This also means that MilkBar is two blocks from my office (dangerous).  The pork ribs and the oxtail soup were the highlights.  NY Magazine praises the ribs as "undoubtedly the finest pork ribs (sticky, charred, infused with lemongrass and caramel) ever to be served in the vicinity of 56th Street and Fifth Avenue."  The soup, which is only served at dinner, tastes more like Taiwanese beef noodle soup than pho, and has more oxtail than noodles.  I don't agree with Adam Platt that this place gets one less star for its "un-Changian" location, but I give GrubStreet credit for taking awesome pictures of the food -- it's dark in there!

Bar area complete with Maggi and Srichacha; pork ribs; spring rolls; oxtail soup; mini crack pies and cereal milk flans.

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