Tin Shed (Portland, OR)

Continuing the tour of hipster eating in Portland is the Tin Shed Cafe located in NE Portland. Tin Shed composts 100% of their waste and runs an urban farm collective you can join if you so choose. They also show free movies every Wednesday night (Highlander!) and highlight local artists - http://tinshedgardencafe.com/

Salm I Am - smoked salmon, roasted red peppers, shallots, and roasted garlic, topped with fresh cream cheese and dill. Includes a homemade biscuits and shed potato latkes.

Grits - consumed with Aardvark habanero sauce and fresh avocado.

Belly Pleaser - coconut milk, jasmine rice, fresh ginger & vanilla simmered into a porridge and topped with fresh mango & cinnamon.

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